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The property occupied by M.S. Growers, Inc. has been sold, and we have negotiated an agreement with the new owner to sell plants until May 31, 2018! A lot of beautiful Rhododendrons, Deciduous Azaleas, Pieris, Ilex, Buxus, Enkianthus and Kalmia are still available, many plants in larger sizes. All plants are being sold at discount prices!


All material is marked down to half price, if you arrange to have the plants dug by your own crews.  If we dig, prices for digging, hauling out of the field, and helping to load will be according to plant sizes, as given below:


12-15in to 15-18in                   $3.00


18-21in to 21-24in                   $4.00


24-30in to 30-36in                   $5.00


3-4ft                                          $8.00


4-5ft                                          $15.00


5-6ft                                          $20.00


6ft+                                           $25.00                                   



The attached Availability List gives the usual list prices.  You can discount all prices by 50%, and add the digging and handling prices given above if your preference is for us to dig the plants.  Keep in mind that this list is based upon what is left after inventory last fall. Everything is changing!

Updated counts will be forthcoming. Equipment, irrigation equipment, and other nursery supplies will be available for sale by May 1, 2018.

Rita Snyder

503-740-2303 (mobile)

Download Current Availability (PDF Format)

June 2017 Availability

Email questions to:

Or call/FAX: 503-631-2059

Availability List requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, get it here:

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