Rhododendron Prices


(-15F) PINK - Red buds opening deep pink and fading lighter. Pointed leaves create distinctive foliage.

rholaloha.jpg (75928 bytes)
'Anna H. Hall' (-25F) WHITE - White flowers from pink buds.  Compact and dense foliage.  rhoannhal.jpg (30265 bytes)
'Baden Baden' (-15F) RED - Red, low growing with dark green slightly twisted leaves. rhobbaba.jpg (51137 bytes)

'Black Satin' 

(-25F) REDDISH-PURPLE - Very dark, almost black-mahogany in fall and winter and strong reddish-purple flowers in spring. Lepidote. 3' x 4' wide in 10 years.  
'Catawbiense Album' (-25F) WHITE - Pink buds, white flowers, yellow spotting.  rhocatawb.jpg (34335 bytes)
'Centennial Celebration' (-15F) PINK - Ruffled, fragrant flowers, pink and pale orchid, sparse tan dorsal spotting. Leathery deep green foliage, upright, well branched. rhocencel.jpg (39539 bytes)
'Chionoides' (-10F) WHITE - White flowers. Broad dense plant.  rhochion.jpg (27395 bytes)
'Cunningham's Blush'

(-15F) PINK - Blush pink, yellow blotch. Low branched growth habit.


rhocunblush.jpg (33055 bytes)
'Daniela' (-10F) PURPLISH-PINK - Flowers of deep purplish pink, shading inwards pale purplish pink to white. rholdaniela.jpg (37995 bytes)
'Dora Amateis' (-15F) WHITE - Twice as wide as high. Dense foliage. rhodorama.jpg (38274 bytes)

(-10F) PINK - Pale pink flowers, edged deeper pink, white calyx. Plant of excellent compact habit. Leaves held 3 years.

'Elizabeth' (-0F) RED - Bright red, heavy flowering.  
'English Roseum' (-25F) LAVENDER - Soft rosy lavender flowers.
'Fantastica' (-10F) ROSE - Flowers rose. Elliptic leaves, long, wooly beneath.  
'Golden Gala' (-20F) IVORY - Flowers emphatic ivory, not quite yellow.  Plant well branched, broader than tall thick foliage.  
'Hudson Bay'

(-20F) WHITE - White flowers. Glossy-green leaves. Plant broad, rounded, well-branched.

'Jean Marie de Mataque' (-5F) RED - Bright red flowers, thick heavy foliage. rholjeanmarie.jpg (30653 bytes)
'Laurie' (-25F) PALE PINK-WHITE - Pale pink to white flowers.  Leaf more elongated that PJM. rholaurie.jpg (47284 bytes)
'Looking Glass' (-10F)  PINK - Dark red buds open to frilled, deep pink flowers. rholkglass.jpg (29356 bytes)
'Malta' (-25F) LIGHT PINK - Early light pink flowers.  Light green foliage year round.  

(-25F) REDDISH PINK - Vivid reddish-pink flowers with wavy and frilled edges. Trusses 3" across. Dense habit. Blooms late April. Lepidote. 3' x 3' wide in 10 years.

'Mist Maiden'

(-25F) PINK - This compact plant has relatively large leaves covered with fawn indumentum. New growth is silvery. Flowers are shades of pink. 5' x 5' wide in 10 years.

rhomistmaid.jpg (57572 bytes)
(Morning Red)

(-10F) RED - Dark red buds opening to flowers with lighter shading inside.  3' x 4' in 10 years.  Rounded, compact bush.  Prefers some shade.

featrhomorsm.jpg (12598 bytes)
'Northern Starburst'

 (-25F) LAVENDER - Tetraploid of PJM Compact. Significantly larger flowers of greater substance, strong stems and thick leaves.

rhonstarburst.jpg (32464 bytes)

(-25F) LAVENDER - Lavender pink flowers. Mahogany colored foliage in winter.

rhopjm.jpg (47478 bytes)
'PJM Compact'

 (-25F) LAVENDER - Wider than tall. Similar flowers and foliage to PJM.

'PJM Elite' (-25F) LAVENDER - Lavender-pink flowers.  Mahogany winter foliage.  Later blooming that PJMs.  
'PJM Regal' (-25F) LAVENDER - Slightly slower growing than PJMs, otherwise very similar.  
'PJM Victor' (-30F) LAVENDER - Lavender-pink flowers, mahogany colored winter foliage.  Slowest, most dense growing of PJM types listed.  
'Olga Mezitt' (-25F) PINK - Clear pink flowers.  Blooms later than PJMs.  Glossy green leaves year  round. featrhoolgmezsm.jpg (18284 bytes)
'Pioneer Silvery Pink' (-25F) PINK - Soft pink flowers.  Blooms later than  PJMs.  Green foliage year round. Vigorous.  rhopiosilpin.jpg (44264 bytes)
'Ramapo' (-25F) PURPLE - Purple flowers with soft bluish-green foliage. Dwarf. rhoramapo.jpg (52588 bytes) 
'Rosy Dream' (-10F) RED - Cardinal red buds open to funnel-shaped red flowers with paler throat.  Plant 2' x 4'.  Leaves indumented silver, aging to cinnamon.  Mid-season bloom. rhorosdre3.jpg (43934 bytes)
'Scarlet Wonder' (-15F) RED - Brilliant scarlet red. Semi-dwarf.  
'Smirnowii x yak' (-15F) PINK - Pink flowers reminiscent of  peppermint candy.  Blooms mid-season.  Grows to 3' x 5' wide in 18-20 years.  Blooms well in shade. rhosmiyak.jpg (60030 bytes) 
'Teddy Bear' (-15F) PINK - Delicate pink flowers contrast handsomely with glossy deep green foliage. Cinnamon colored indumentum underneath leaves. rhotedbea.jpg (51190 bytes)
'Thunder' (-25F) PURPLISH-RED - Purple-red flowers.  Dark mahogany leaves.  
'Unique'  (-5F) CREAM - Large pink buds, creamy flowers. rhounique.jpg (42688 bytes)
'Yaku Princess' (-15F) LIGHT PINK - Apple blossom pink flowers with green spotting. Long leaves covered with buff indumentum below. Compact, bushy plant.  

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